Answers to Questions or Comments of the Questionnaire on LtG T-shirt

The following is the answers for main comments.
  • The design for "face" is too big. Isn't it better to print on a chest or an arm?
    → The face design made smaller. Printing on three parts makes price of T-shirts expensive.
  • I want to choose a color.
    → Now you can choose the color for the printing (B/W), and the T-shirt itself from 48 colors.
  • I want get cards!
    → If there are more than ten people who want to buy cards, we can make it ... !
        (sorry, they do not have an English site...)
  • Please don't make them all black! It is no good for summer :)
    → Please select a color from the list! :)
  • It would be nice if there were an option to print a team name!
    → It is difficult... sorry.
  • I think a white T-Shirt with a small front logo, and color cards on the back would be nice...
    (The color T-Shirts that were made for the ICFP 2007 (Endo) competition have lasted well, including the way that they applied the color, unlike some T-Shirt makers.)
    → Thanks! We refer to them when deciding the design for colored T-shirt!
  • It would be nice if you could make the designs freely available -- or at least available to those who submitted a solution. This would allow people who are not able to visit the ICFP to create their own shirts.
    → Yes, we will do so after ICFP.
  • I want delivery to {Russia, America, me}.
    → If you can bear the shipping charge and the number of shipping requests is not too many, we may deal with your demand. So please write it as a comment. Then we will contact you by e-mail.
        (You can check the shipping charge in JP Post. Please check the charge from Tokyo prefecture to your country!)
  • So what's the T-shirt price?
    → It depends on how many T-shirts are ordered and its size. Roughly, it costs about 1500 to 2500 yen, we think.
  • I think the back could just be an exact card from the contest.
    → It is difficult in mono-color... The design for a colored T-shirt will be so.
Demands for other design:
  • all!
  • put
  • inc
  • put & inc
  • help
  • S(S(S(help)(succ))(K(10000)))(S(K(S(S(K(copy))(K(2)))(succ)))(succ))
  • dbl