Summary of the Questionnaire and Online LtG T-shirt Order Form

Thank you very much for responding to our questionnaire!
The summary of the questionnaire is (answers to comments or questions are here.):

Result (Japanese)

Result (English)


zombie copy succ SK Total other
votes 32 44 42 36 154 22

As you see, there are no great difference in the number of votes.
Some people commented the design for "face" is too big!
So we have changed the design for both "SK" and "face", and decided to make four patterns :) (we added I to the design for "SK".)

The following are images (they are just an image!):

Now, we accept an order for them. If you want to buy T-shirt(s), please fill in the following form. The price cannot be determined before all of your order is finalized (because it depends on how many T-shirts are ordered and its size). Roughly, it costs about 1500 to 2500 yen, we think. If you know a guy who may have interest in LtG T-shirt, please let him know since the number of extra T-shirts which we will order will be small. The order will be closed on August 7.
The following figure shows size of a T-shirt. Please *check* your size because it may smaller than US size T-shirt (but it is bigger than the ordinary Japanese T-shirt).

You can select a color of your T-shirt from the following list (please understand it may differ from the real T-shirt):

The color for XXXL T-shirt is restricted to 001 (white), 002 (black), 069, (red), 086 (navy), 085 (royal blue).
After submitting the order, an e-mail will be sent to the address which you input. So please check it again to confirm your order.
If you want to order more than one T-shirt, please fill in the form that number of times.
We will make a colored T-shirt, but it will take some more time. Sorry... :'(